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What you should know about Form 1399

  1. Form 1399 is used for declaration of service for visa or citizenship applications.
  2. Personal information collected on Form 1399 is protected by privacy laws.
  3. Documentation supporting military history must be attached with Form 1399.

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How to prepare Form 1399

Get template
Here you will discover a downloadable sample of Form 1399. It is possible to view the file within our editor and fill it out on-line from a PC or mobile device.
Fill in
Fill in the form step by step, providing precise details in each box. Sign the document digitally utilizing the editor's eSignature functions.
Following completing the modifying, submit the form on the internet through e mail, SMS, or fax. Click DONE and Send out to Print to obtain a paper version of the file.

About Form 1399

Form 1399 is a document used by financial institutions, particularly banks, for the purpose of linking accounts together. It is commonly referred to as an "Account Linking Form" and is generally required when an individual or organization wants to link multiple accounts held with the same bank or financial institution. The form typically requires the account holder to provide their personal information, such as name, address, and contact details. Additionally, it may ask for account specifics, such as account numbers, types of accounts, and other relevant details needed for the linking process. The account holder is also required to sign the form, confirming their consent for the accounts to be linked. Individuals or organizations who have multiple accounts within the same financial institution and wish to manage them collectively may be required to submit Form 1399. This can be useful in cases where a person has different types of accounts, such as savings, current, or investment accounts, and wants to easily access and monitor them through a single interface or statement. It is important to note that the specific requirements and procedures for using Form 1399 may vary depending on the policies and guidelines of each financial institution. It is therefore recommended to contact the respective bank or financial institution for accurate information and guidance on how to complete and submit the form.

People also ask about Form 1399

What information does Form 1399 require?
Form 1399 requires information related to service history, military involvement, and personal details.
Is Form 1399 mandatory for immigration applications?
Form 1399 is often required for immigration applications to assess character and past military service.
Where can I find assistance in filling out Form 1399?
You can seek help from immigration authorities or legal professionals for guidance on completing Form 1399.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 1399

Instructions and Help about Form 1399

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